Florida's Locker Room Celebration After Giving Up 52 Points to FCS Samford Will Actually Make You Cringe

I couldn't believe this was real. I was certain someone had recycled an old video from a Florida win over FSU or Tennessee and tried to make it look like the team was jumping for joy after a comeback win over an FCS team. But nope, that actually was the scene in the Gators' locker room following a 70-52 win over Samford, a game which was really much closer than that score would indicate and included the most points UF has allowed in a half in school history.

Even after playing the entire game against a team wearing navy and white with a bulldog on its helmet, this video leaves me with at least a reasonable doubt Florida's players knew they were playing a school from Homewood, Alabama and not one from Palo Alto, California.

Look, I get that a win is a win — honestly, maybe Florida should be going crazy after every one of those they get with the way this season is going — and winning football games is difficult, but you don't film this and put it on the internet when your head coach is fighting for his job and you damn near suffered one of the most embarrassing defeats in school history. Just celebrate with your team and let that be that.

By the looks of it, though, the Gators achieved one of their biggest goals of the season in beating the Samford Bulldogs to give themselves a chance to still reach bowl eligibility. So good for them.