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Spider-Man: No Way Home Will Be Released In The UK Two Days Earlier Than The Rest Of The World And It's A Bunch Of Rubbish!

Digital Spy- Spider-Man fans in the UK are in for a treat as it's been confirmed that Spider-Man: No Way Home will be swinging into cinemas earlier than expected. Sony has confirmed to Digital Spy that the highly-anticipated new MCU movie will be released on Wednesday, December 15. That's two days ahead of its original release of December 17, when it will be released in the US.

What the fuck is this Hat Man?!? I have already put on the record that I will #TrustTheFeige until my dying day and I'd follow him to the pits of hell to kill Mephisto if he asked me to. But I've watched too many US cities get torn to shreds by Marvel villains on the silver screen to let some other country get their hands on the most anticipated MCU movie in years a full 48 hours ahead of the rest of us. Those fancy Brits always carry have an air of superiority about them with their accents and tea times even before they are loaded up with the massive spoiler knowledge about what type of chaos unfolds in the Spiderverse.  I'm not a big politics guy but Joe Biden needs to fix this NOW and bring our Spidermen back to this side of the pond for the premiere.

How did the UK even land this exclusive? They already have at least five hours on the rest of the US as is. Why do they get two full days? Did that sneaky English lad Tom Holland put this in his contract while Sony and Marvel were fighting over Spidey? If anywhere deserves the right to show Spidey two days before everyone else, it's the US since it is home to Peter Parker's home borough of Queens. I'm sure Uncle Stevie wouldn't mind throwing No Way Home up on the Citi Field jumbotron for the diehards willing to brave the elements that comes with watching a movie outdoors in New York during December since those are the people who would never spoil a thing for their fellow nerds.

Ahhhh who am I kidding? This was all probably Sony trying to flex its dick a bit since they can't do anything right with comic characters if they don't have the MCU's help. I guess it's time for Bob Fox and I to brush up on our English slang and prepare to beg for expenses to cover a business trip across the pond for because there's no way I'm going to let whoever the EPL version of LeSean McCoy spoil this movie for me that is decades in the making.

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