Kanye Has Released The Deluxe Version Of "Donda", Gifting Us "Life Of The Party" Featuring Andre 3000 In The Process

I blogged about this unreleased track that Drake played, like a dickhead, on his radio show, back in September. 

From what we heard, it sounded like a gem. 

Tonight, Kanye officially released it, featuring some reworked arrangements on the original tracks, a rearranged tracklist order, and five new tracks:
“Life of the Party” (featuring André 3000),

“Up From the Ashes,”

“Remote Control pt 2” (featuring Kid Cudi & Young Thug),

“Never Abandon Your Family,” and


“Keep My Spirit Alive pt 2” (featuring KayCyy, Conway the Machine & Westside Gunn).

‘Keep My Spirit Alive (pt 2)’ is a renaming of the original ‘Keep My Spirit Alive’ track. The new ‘Keep My Spirit Alive’ features KayCyy, whose contribution was removed following the initial release of ‘Donda’. Chris Brown, whose contributions were also removed, does not appear on the deluxe version.

Hearing fresh Andre 3000 makes it feel like Christmas Day, 1999 all over again. Just the smoothest mother fucker alive. Ice Cold.

So cold that he alone gets his name actually "Featured" on the Donda tracklisting...