Chase Young Is Hurt. FedEx Field Should Be Blown Up. Fuck Dan Snyder.




There are so few words I can muster for this team anymore. They are cursed. I say it week to week. The Dan Snyder Curse is real and it ain't going away any time soon. FedEx Field is responsible for killing more careers than Business Insider could dream of. And it all goes back to Dan Snyder. He is to blame for all of this. I don't know what to type. I'm glad I guess Chase was able to walk off without the cart, but clearly it looks terrible. It sucks. And right before that, Terry McLaurin left the game with a shoulder injury. It was 13-0 Bucs and I didn't look, but wouldn't have been shocked if they were still minus money to win the game. We'll never have nice things. WFT fans, we are cursed. Someone please leak the Dan Snyder emails. Please. I'll sell you my soul. We need him gone. FFS.