Adam Wainwright Steps Right Up And Dunks This Clown At A Carnival

Looks like Adam Wainwright is ready for Spring Training and to start his 17th season in the bigs. Waino was enjoying a nice little carnival in his home town and decided to step right up and try to dunk this clown in the dunk tank who was heckling him. Bold move trying to shit talk  a guy who has 184 career wins, a 3.35 ERA, 2,004 strikeouts, a World Series ring and someone who made 3 All Star teams. The clown kept going so Uncle Charlie decided to shut up him. He only bought 2 balls and that turned out to be one more than he'd need. The clown in the dunk tank even tried to chastise Wainwright for throwing on the "girls side", hey man, it's 2021, we don't dunk tank shame anymore. He winds up and fucking fires that thing in there and hits the target first try. That may be tough for you or I to do, but not the guy who has spent over half of his life throwing strikes. Sinks the clown and calls it a night, doesn't even need ball #2. Also, the guy in the dunk tank had to know it was Adam Wainwright, right? You don't randomly see guys who are 6'7 walking around the carnival trying to dunk clowns. Super obnoxious laugh by that clown too, that is probably his key to getting people to try and get him wet, keep doing that terrible laugh and people will try and shut him up.