You Have A Gigantic Dump In Your Pants If You Don’t Enjoy Drew Timme Talking Shit And Weirdly Dominating College Hoops

I was shocked about how many people I saw complaining about Drew Timme. Upset he's talking shit and doing his celebrations? It's awesome. You have a gigantic dump in your pants if you get all pissy that Drew Timme is rubbing his mustache or hitting the too small move minutes into the game. Not to mention he flat out murdered Texas. Killed them. 37 points. Texas didn't have an answer for him. They tried Tre Mitchell, Brock Cunningham, tried sending doubles. It didn't matter. Drew Timme was too good for Texas. 

I was completely wrong about this game. I thought Texas would have enough without Disu and the no middle defense to keep it close - preferably under 7. Texas just isn't there yet. They'll be fine long run, Disu is the most important player to that team along with Marcus Carr. They just have no idea who is supposed to play what role. What I do love though? What Chris Beard said after the game. 

Awesome. Give me as many good games as possible. Losses aren't season enders, especially early in the season on the road vs a top-10 team. Just do me a favor and stop playing these games at 1130 and 1030 on weekend nights. 

But back to Timme. He's exactly what you want for college hoops. He's a star who returned after getting exposed in the title game. He's a preseason All-American and the likely NPOY pick. He has a personality. He shows up. He is a damn good college basketball player who is even overshadowed a bit by Chet Holmgren. If you want to get into the nitty gritty, there's no one with better footwork in the post than Timme. Sure he could improve his range and move better with lateral quickness. But we're talking about him as a college basketball player. He's currently the best player in the game. Gonzaga is going to be good again. Drew Timme is going to keep talking shit. 

Embrace it.