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It Was A Great Saturday In The Sip!

Oxford, Mississippi was on fire last night after Ole Miss beat Texas A&M 29-19 to get to 8-2 and back in top 10!

The Rebel Defense dominated the red hot Aggies with a 1st half shutout and 2 4th quarter INTs including a pick 6 to seal the game! There is no unit in college football that has improved more after they were ranked 127th in the nation in 2020.

I hopped a fence near the end of the game to get into Ole Miss student section to be with the people and it got pretty wild! This is a new favorite tradition. Quite the scene watching me hop a fence at 38 years young. 

The cult Aggies and their senior class rings did not have a good Saturday in the Sip.

Let the Egg Bowl smack talk with Brandon Walker begin!