South Dakota Wins a Game on an ALL-TIME Hail Mary

Rivalry game. One second on the clock. Needing a touchdown. Ball 55 yards from the end zone.

Take it away, South Dakota!

Holy cow, what a way to win a football game. When they teach defensive backs to bat the ball, the word "down" is usually included in that imperative. The Jackrabbits batted the ball straight into the air (twice) and then right into the hands of USD for the unbelievable win.

That's the kind of loss that sticks with you forever. Those SDSU players will never get over losing that game in that manner, no matter what happens in the rest of their football careers. Let this serve as your every-so-often reminder to always bring more than three on a Hail Mary attempt. Don't give the quarterback forever, because this is what happens.

This is why we watch FCS football, folks.