Indiana Fans Are Stripping in the Stands Down 17-0 to Rutgers

Remember the last two years when everybody pretended Indiana was worth a shit? Well now they're down 17-0 to Rutgers at home in an empty stadium where the most interesting thing going on for the home team is a pocket of fans stripping in the stands above the end zone.

Or at least I thought it was just a pocket of fans. What is going on?

I guess when you're getting killed by Rutgers for what appears like it will be your eighth loss in 10 games this season, you do whatever you can to make the trip to the stadium somewhat entertaining. That actually does look like a great time, honestly. In 20 years, nobody will remember the score of the 2021 Indiana-Rutgers game, but they'll all remember dropping the tops with the fellas.

Dudes rock.