The NFL Is A Joke And Is Fining Cassius Marsh For Unsportsmanlike Conduct

At this point everyone has seen the play referenced in the tweet above, but if you haven't, here it is: 

All he did was a little Chuck Norris kick and look at the sideline. Is Cassius Marsh an idiot that hasn't earned the right to have his own sack dance as he's bounced around from practice squad to practice squad? Yes. Should he have put the refs in a position to throw a flag for taunting? No. Is this the dumbest rule on earth? Yes. All of that is true.

BUT THE FUCKING REF HIP CHECKED HIM. He initiated contact and was looking to throw a flag because of it. That's ridiculous. That ref had an insatiable appetite for throwing a flag right there. Anyone with a brain that watched this video knows that, and anyone with a brain was calling for the league to exact disciplinary measures on that ref on top of doing whatever they wanted to do with Marsh. Did they do that?


They disciplined Cassius Marsh and only Cassius Marsh. In a weird way I'm glad Marsh got fined for being a straight up moron, but how does the ref get off Scott free too? I mean the video is clear as day. The ref threw a hip at Marsh and then immediately threw the flag. That's not a man mediating a game, that's a man on a power trip looking to exact his powers on anyone he could, the moment he could. Fucking outrageous.

Why did they make taunting illegal again? Pussification at it's finest. Makes everyone sick. And do NOT tell me the ref was reaching for his flag already because of the spin kick or sideline glance. He was reaching for it for sure, but he waiting until after he initiated contact with Marsh to throw the flag. It's crystal clear and a gross abuse of power. He didn't throw the flag because of taunting, he threw it because he was on a power trip. He was just lucky that Marsh was being a moron that gave him and the league plausible deniability. It's fucked up. 

Goodell gonna Goodell