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Steph Curry Now Sits Alone Atop The Three Point Shooting Throne

Really this was just a matter of time. Barring some sort of devastating career ending injury, the question was not if Steph Curry would pass Ray Allen as the NBA's three point shooting king, but when. Now that he has the all time lead including playoffs, the next box to check will be most regular season made threes which Allen still leads 2973 to 2890 (including tonight). Since this is Steph we're talking about, he could have that shit by Thanksgiving. While it might not seem crazy to you that Curry ultimately passed Ray, what is crazy is when you realize the difference in games played

That's basically 7.5 fewer SEASONS worth of games. I'm laughing just reading that. He's a cheat code, we know this. He revolutionalized the game forever. There's a reason people call him the greatest shooter to ever live, and usually when you have that title you end up making the most threes of any player on earth. The question now becomes how high can he push it? Last year he made 337 in just 63 games. If the Warriors are able to make deep playoff runs, he usually hits in the 90s. Does it look like Steph is slowing down to anyone? He could easily have another 5 more years like this. His conditioning is insane. I don't think it's crazy to suggest before it's all said and done he flirts with like 2,000 more total made 3PM. This is Steph Curry we're talking about here. You get that high, I cannot imagine ever seeing the day that's broken. Even with how the game is evolving, that's simply too ridiculous. 

I'll never forget being in the building when Ray passed Reggie Miller on the all time list when the Celts were playing the Lakers

What an awesome moment that was back in 2011. Credit to Ray, he held the top spot for just under 10 years. That's not so bad. Still one of the best shooters I've ever watched with my own eyes, but Steph is a different beast. 

Now, he's officially the three point shooting king.