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Steve Somers Is Calling It A Career After His Final Show On WFAN Tonight

Another year, another beloved voice from my childhood hanging up the microphone at WFAN. Losing Mike Francesa from our daily lives was obviously a massive blow considering that sick son of a bitch put in roughly a million hours a year on the airwaves smack in the middle of the work day. But it always felt like Mike was your hardo Uncle telling you what you should think about every single sports story. Steve Somers was your pal that would schmooze with you after a big win, maybe mix it up by trolling a few people, and occasionally get a call from his famous friend Jerry from Queens to chat about the Mets and God knows what else.

The best thing is even though he's retiring, I guarantee Steve Somers will be saying the same stuff in the privacy of his own home after a big Mets win that he'd be saying if he was on the other side of the glass with Eddie Scozzare. I guess that's what happens when you are rocking the same schtick at the same radio station for all 34 years of its existence. 

I honestly couldn't even tell you the last time I listened to the Schmooze because of kids and old age taking my energy as well as a million different things on the internet taking my attention. But it sucks to know he's not going to be on THE FAN (said in Steve's nasally voice during the jingle) if I randomly tune in to the radio one night like knowing you can never go back to the house you grew up in since his voice was that soothing. Maybe we can land The Schmoozer here at Barstool. Portnoy loves talking about how weird brains always seem to end up here and I guarantee if those two shared ten minutes in a room, fate would take the wheel and get a contract banged out. Plop the Schmoozer in between Frankie Borrelli and Stu Feiner during an Icelanders playoff stream from Borrelli's then watch magic happen.

But if that doesn't happen, I'll always remember the good times with me here and him there. That dude RULED for all the reasons Numbah One mentioned and more.