Friday Throwback: Candice Swanepoel

Remember Candice Swanepoel? If you don't, you're only like 4 years old. Max. If you do, you'd hear her name and think to yourself, "wow. Candice is one of the hottest women to ever done the Victoria's Secret Angel wings". Truthfully, however, I sort of forgot about her. In the world of IG where smokeshow after smokeshow is littered across the app, the true OG's can get lost in the shuffle. OG's like the aforementioned Swanepoel on top of Marissa Miller, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrossio and more. But then I was perusing Daily Mail to look for some blog material and they had an article on Swanepoel's new bikini line. I gave this reaction when I saw her name for the first time in forever:

Giphy Images.

And you'll be doing the same after this throwback montage. Enjoy!