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'The Boys' Fired Back At Disney+ With a Streaming Event Of Their Own

The thing that is great about 'The Boys' is that it depicts superheroes for what they would actually be in our society. Corporatized, selfish, egotistical maniacs. The company they work for in the show, Vought, is a fantastic parody of a company like Disney. A monopolistic empire with fingers in everything that wants to create and control everything you consume. This video basically hits it all , but it is at it's funniest when it slams Disney's "performative woke" content. "Stories that women want to see" and using diversity disingenuously as a marketing tool. 

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Disney+ may put out a TON of superhero content, but Prime Video is 2/2 with The Boys and Invincible. I would highly recommend watching both of them, and I honestly thing they are 2 of the top-5 superhero shows ever.