The NHL Needs To Fix This Blackout Clusterfuck STAT So Fans Can Actually Watch The Goddamn Games

On this week's Chiclets, I implored the NHL to read the many replies to and QTs of my Tweet above. Because while the league has never had more talent than it does right now, it continues to shoot itself in both feet with these ass-backwards, incomprehensible blackout rules that prevent millions of people from legally seeing said talent.

Now do I think our show can actually foment real change when it comes to billion dollar corporations, convoluted carriage deals, and ancient blackout rules? 

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I know blackous aren't going to suddenly be eradicated or even altered in the slightest. But as the common man fan representation on Spittin' Chiclets, you can be goddamn sure I'll keep bitching about it and raising awareness so that maybe something might happen somewhere for some fans. If you check even a few replies to that clip, you can see how ridiculous some of these scenarios are.

I could post 100s of these Tweets but you get the point by now. The NHL talks endlessly about how it wants to #GrowTheGame but this system clearly isn't doing that (legally). The only thing that's growing is the number of laptops catching cybercrabs because NHL fans are being forced to use to illegal streams.

And for those who don't want to potentially infect their hardware/break the law?

"we watch something else"

Imagine having this be your product and not showing it to as many people as you possibly can?


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