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Hyundai Just Released The Sexiest Concept Car Of All Time And Don't Tell Me Otherwise

Saw this via KFC's tweet and immediately was in love. First off lets clear some things up. I am in no way no shape or form a car guy. When I go to lease cars I tell the sales rep I have three requirements : 

A- the car must have 4 doors . Nothing worse than doing that weird lean up while someone climbs in behind you. 

2- the gas cap must be on the drivers side. I refuse to do that weird balancing thing while leaning to the passenger side to pay the gas attendant and the steering knob drives into your knee like a club from Jeff Gillooly.  Additionally, nothing sucks more than pulling into the crowded gas station and having to turn around the car because there's not enough slack on the gas cord (1000% the wrong term) to reach the cap on the other side. Then you're doing K turns and cursing while the guy behind you in an Escalade with a license plate UDAMAN1 he pays $250 a month more than he should starts calling you a "scummmm bahhhhhhgggggg" in the best and worst Staten Island accent possible. No thanks. I'll pull in with no pressure and my gas cap on my own side- thank you very much. 

D- Must be automatic . Can't drive stick. Enough said. 

So I acknowledge I'm not a car guy. I refuse to test drive cars. Color, model, glitz , seat color, etc - couldn't give a shit. Basically if a car can get me to point A and B and meets my requirements, I will lease it. 

Now, there's definitely cars I want and think look cool, but like I said it's very basic taste. To me - if it looks cool - I put it on my wish list. So before all you car hardos come at me, just know I am fully admitting I don't know shit about the ins and outs of cars. 0-60 speed, shifting ... couldn't give a shit. It looks cool - I want it. Back off. 

The car at the top of that wish list is an old school Cadillac . Just always thought it was a name brand that lasted. Was the go to reference of class in pop culture growing up. Goodfellas  (pink Cadillac scene), countless rap songs  and lyrics. "You me and my friend can trade, on the top of my Escalade" , "Just bought a Cadillac ... throw some D's on that bitch." 

Cadillac was just cool. I would never overspend on a car, but if I made bank and got to a point where I could buy a car to stash for a weekend drive or to show off - it would be a Cadillac. 

When I saw this Hyundai I got old school Caddy vibes. Again - car hardos be at ease. I'm just saying they look like each other. Relax. So naturally, this Hyundai looks cool to me. I want it. 

Still no idea when the fuck it releases, how much it costs , etc, but let it be known. This car is on my wish list. It's fucking dope. Plush inside, real vintage shit. Get at me when this thing drops, I've already started saving up. Shoutout Hyundai ... car is sick. 


Bonus note- When I showed it to my desk mate Pat, one of the nicest guys and most helpful guys here, he asked if I had a thing for "clunkers" and told me it looks like Uncle Buck's car . I know most of you have no idea about this reference- but go watch this movie.