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The Miami Dolphins Have Already Immortalized Robert Hunt's Big Guy "Touchdown" At Dolphins HQ

It pains me that I had to throw the word touchdown in quotes because that play didn't count due to it being comically illegal, but goddamn is it beautiful to see the Dolphins making sure Robert Hunt's rumble to pay dirt lives for much longer than the five seconds or so that it counted. That play was bigger than the rules or the game like #somethings are. It was about a big man defying his body type and gravity, along with section 8-1-8 of the NFL Rulebook, to live a dream while the entire NFL world was watching.

Shit, the best moment in Dolphins history during my lifetime was Dan Marino being saved by Ace Ventura then returning in time to win the Super Bowl against the Eagles. Did all of that technically "count" or "happen"? No. But you cannot tell me the ungodly amount of hours I spent laughing my ass off at that masterpiece didn't happen and in the end, nothing truly "counts" when you realize we are just a bunch of living beings rotating on a big rock around a giant chunk of burning gas until our number is called. So you are goddamn right this touchdown should be immortalized and every Dolphins employee should smile reliving it in their minds before they head to lunch, smoke a cig, or leave the office for the night to do cool shit in Miami and if anybody has a problem with that, I have three words for you...

That is pound for pound the best scene in cinematic history in my humble opinion

As usual my guy Mike Camerlengo does a perfect job breaking this play down in 60 seconds flat.