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'The Challenge All Stars' Season 2 Is One Episode In And Already Delivering Another Master Class On Nostalgia And Reality TV

So The Challenge All-Stars Season 2 dropped on Paramount+ yesterday. Let me tell you something. It keeps delivering a master class in what this show and what nostalgia is supposed to be. Don't get me wrong. I'm going to enjoy the normal Challenge that's on MTV. It's just a different game. The Challenge All-Stars delivers everything that made us fall in love with the show. Yeah, I said, fall in love with the show. 

Just look at this first episode. We got the return of Brad and Tina. BRAD AND TINA. 

They even started the show with a little Backstreet Boys. 

Hell they even brought back Cohutta, who is one of the most underrated players on the show. Sidenote this is what Cohutta looks like now: 

I can't get over that look. Not shockingly he lives on a 60-acre sheep farm. 

Never forget what this show was built on. Partying, fighting, fighting while partying, fucking and fucking while fighting and/or partying. That's the show. That's what hooked all of us onto this back in the early-2000s. They hit us in season 1 with some nostalgia partying and music. Season 2 is off to the same start. You have Tina talking about trying to see if 'Tina' is still in her. You have people getting pissed when they had to find a teammate for the daily challenge. You even had TJ and Tina talk shit to each other. You can tell TJ loves this cast and being on this show. 

TJ also didn't wait to deliver a twist that everything is double elimination. Probably gotta find a way to speed up the season and keep it compact. I know people will see it doesn't have Bananas or CT or Wes. It's fine. The plan according to Mark Long was to bring back way more nostalgia first. Guys like Teck and MJ and Tyler and Jasmine. 

We did get a cliffhanger right on episode 1. We know that the losing team/person from each daily challenge is going in to elimination. What we don't know is who are they going again? What sort of elimination process is it? 

PS: I'm still scared for Laterrian. He SHATTERED his nuts during the challenge. 

I'd do power rankings but I have no idea the setup or process yet. Darrell is my pick because it's Darrell.