Absolute Maniac Plays A WSOP Main Event Hand Blind Because He's On Camera And The Results Are Incredible


Unbelievable. I guess there are many ways to lose to the Main Event. Some of us blast off 100bbs with 43ss, some lose top full house to quads,



And some lose to the maniac Pat Lyons who decided to play a hand blind because the cameras were on, and then proceeded to go runner-runner flush to knock out his opponent who had AT and flopped an Ace (and rivered a straight).





Just another reason why the Main Event is the best, in every sick, twisted way possible. 

Need another reason? 





And the money bubble burst the only way it should- with aces being cracked.



Our king Jake made the money with 700k in chips and will take the day 4 felt today with 87 big blinds. 



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