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COLLEGE HOOPS IS HERE - UC-Riverside Upsets Arizona State With One Of The Most Ridiculous Buzzer Beaters You'll See

I know people are watching football. I get it. But some of us were glued to Pac-12 Network because UC-Riverside was out here doing this. They had the lead at halftime. It was a close game the entire second half. Hmm, who could have saw that one coming?

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Now sure half court buzzer beaters happen. But this? This was so effortless. The fact that people were lost on the clock, it seemed like there was .4 seconds left. Refs went back and checked time. Which that's the magic number. Hell, even Arizona State thought they won the game the possession before. 

Laugh out loud sequence of tweets there from the ASU official account. Meanwhile UC Riverside decided to troll Jon Rothstein's 'Bobby Hurley' tweet

That's how you do it. The fact JP Moorman was able to not only get the shot off, but get it to the rim and even have a chance is ridiculous. The walkoff? Even better. This sport fucking rules.