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Big Cat Went Viral For Letting Me Pee

Over Gritweek, I packed too much camo, and I brought my hiking boots. In my defense every gritweek the guys ask me to do something stupid. Last year I ran a marathon on a treadmill, this year I ate some hot wings. So I never knew what I was going to get into this year. In the back of my head there is always a chance I get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and told I have to find my way back. It is better to pack prepared than not. So I brought a good amount of tactical gear. I was living out of the RV the whole time. So I am sorry I wore camo pants. If I wasn't wearing camo pants I would look nowhere like a U.S military member. I have very little fashion sense, camo is something I think is ok to wear. There was a dude who was the last casualty in WW1 who actually looks exactly like me and maybe I was a vet in my past life. 

I am a huge fan of our armed forces and everyone who served. I hope no one actually thinks I am trying to steal valor. I do have relatives who served and I was thinking about it but I was recruited to play college football. I am the same rank as John Cena in the military though. So Big Cat tweeted out this photo of me and the internet got super pissed that this guy would take a picture of a guy pissing. Well, people outside of the Barstool and Pardon my take totally didn't get it and think Big Cat was taking pictures of a random guy pissing.

There were so many 

So many people thought Big Cat was into some kinky getting dominated thing it was weird.

I repeat I am not a veteran and never tried to steal valor.

Yeah, it's been getting out of hand. 

This would be hilarious if everyone didn't think I was a veteran. Like I hope people in the military actually think this is funny and I am not an asshole. If you are a vet I would certainly buy you a Coors light if you see me in a bar. 

I love how the foreigners got involved.

Thanks for saying I'm a hunk.

This is so hilarious.

Well, I am sorry to real veterans who think I was trying to steal valor.