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'FUCK No' - Drew Timme Showing Poise Under Pressure To Turn Down An Offer Of $100 If He Drops 40 On Texas This Saturday

Gotta hand it to Drew Timme here. $100 to a college kid, even in NIL times, is a delight. There's nothing like having a little cash in your pick for $10 all you can drink Thursday's at Two Keys (RIPIP). Or knowing that you're good to go for the next 6 weeks when you factor in tips and late night Tolly Ho. But I agree that Drew Timme should give a hearty fuck no here.

$100 for 40 points. What kind of agreement is that? 40 points against another top team in the country, you need to add a 0. I know, I know. NIL rules say you can't have this sort of pay for play or bonuses. But come on. Who cares? Let Drew Timme get free drinks from a Spokane bar or something like that if he drops 40 in a win. Make it interesting at least. $100 isn't nearly enough. 

I still can't believe we have Texas/Gonzaga on Saturday at 10:30pm. What the fuck? These are the two best teams in the country for me and we're out here putting it on at the end of college football Saturday. Great job! I'm sure dozens of people will join us in watching. Nobody has anything better to do at 10:30 on a Saturday. Nobody will be focused only on football or going to the bar. 

Again, gotta give Timme credit here. The pause and look back? He knows $100 isn't shit for him. Not for 40. Pumped for Saturday though. Can't wait to remind people that this game actually happened.