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Early Bench Mob Candidate Of The Year: This Buffalo Dude Who Played Zero Seconds And Pissed Off Every Single Michigan Fan

Meet Lucas Saleh 

He's responsible for reminding the world about one of the best parts of college basketball. The dude who does absolutely NOTHING during the game, but piss everyone off. He did this by chirping on the bench, basically losing his mind with every single point and the camera dude noticed. He got more screen time than anyone playing the game. It was impressive. You can see him here after the dunk get basically under the hoop.

This is what I missed though. Well, I did miss getting the cover. You can read a daily gambling blog here. 

But to talk about the game for a second, Michigan is fucking good. They do have some concerns still. They couldn't put Buffalo away despite having Mballa in foul trouble and dominating the first half. We saw Michigan really struggle with Jones getting in foul trouble and having to make a decision. This will all get fixed. But for now Eli Brooks is better playing off the ball. If you move him to lead guard you take a spot away there. At the same time their backup point guard is Frankie Collins. But it's clear this is a top-5ish team in the country. Just like Buffalo is one of the best mid-majors in the country. Seriously, watch the MAC people. Ohio vs Buffalo needs to happen in the title game and I want both in the NCAA Tournament. 

But this is about Lucas Saleh. This is about bench mob guys doing their job. Pissing off fanbases. No one will be better than Pantelis Xidas. 

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.