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We Got Our Thibs Rant Early This Year: He Thinks It's A Bunch Of Bullshit When People Make Excuses For The Knicks Starters

I didn't want but needed this all at the same time. The story has been the same this year. The Knicks starters have fallen behind, bench bails us out and then it's hang on for dear life or let it slip away. Last night was let it slip away after the Knicks bench rallied against the Bucks. But this is peak Thibs. Thinking it's bullshit that it'll take time for the starters to find chemistry. He's right. We do this shit every year with every team when they add a couple pieces. Hey, just wait until December. That's when it matters. December gets rough and it's hey, wait until the playoff push. And around and around we go. 

Honestly though the season is somewhat what we expected. 7-5, probably shouldn't have let Ricky Rubio fucking skunk us for 37. But 7-5 is a decent start. The goal was 42 wins - mostly to hit the over, but also a full season while still building. Ideally we start seeing some of these young guys playing too. I know Thibs doesn't like rookies, but I want to see Grimes/McBride especially get a few minutes. They both can shoot. Let's keep adding some spacing for Randle to work. Go small sometimes and play Randle and Toppin together with 3 guards/wings. 

Honestly I needed to see this. Is it ideal? Absolutely not. But Thibs needed to get his rant off early. If he can get his rant off early than the Knicks can figure some shit out. Step 1 is complete. We have the bench group. We have the talent. Now we need to get healthy and stop the bullshit.