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Scott Boras Held His Annual MLB State Of The Union Yesterday And Put On A Damn Show

Scott Boras is the most powerful man in sports, you can't convince me otherwise. Everything he says shifts the market, everything he does is a big deal, he controls all of baseball. He had his annual informal State Of The Union at the GM Meetings on Wednesday and drew quite the crowd. Reporters hanging on every word, waiting to hear any update on free agents or where guys are going to sign, he is a traveling circus. When Boras speaks, people listen, and he did a ton of speaking yesterday. Seemed like he was in a good mood too, had lots of jokes for the crowd. 

Many teams are interested in Kris Bryant and Boras gave him quite a comparison. I've never thought of Bryant as Sean Connery but I can see it. Apparently Michael Conforto is the King Of Queens in New York. Guy knows how to draw up interest in his clients, thats for sure.

Boras is not thrilled with the state of baseball and how many teams are actively trying to compete. Of course he knew off the top of his head that it was only 17 teams trying to win. Teams that aren't inclined to win won't spend money, if they don't spend money they don't sign free agents. He represents free agents and wants them to get signed so he can't paid, he's not happy with that. 

Corey Seager is arguably one of the biggest free agents out there and Boras is doing everything he can to get him that Correa money. He's talking him up and making it known teams are already interested in him. 

Great quote here from Boras. Maybe he could have been an author or a poet in another life. 

Boras wasted no time in throwing shade at the Mets who had the botched pick of Kumar Rocker as he was free falling in the draft. They ended up not signing him and Boras announced Rocker will be re-entering the draft next season. Look at his smug face as he talked about it, he has hate in his heart for the Mets and how the draft process went down. Seemed like he throughly enjoyed talking about how bad the Mets messed up.

Think he was happy Carlos Rodon didn't get the QO from the White Sox?

Scott Boras loves metaphors. Loves them. Here he is talking up Nick Castellanos' and I'm legit shocked he didn't make a "and theres a drive to deep left" joke. He is on the Chris Berman level of giving out nicknames.

Another punny comment here from Scotty, this time talking about Max Scherzer. Basically saying if you want to win, put Max in. 

Boras also attacked the way that the Braves won the World Series and the system behind it. He was not thrilled with a team being under .500 going into August and trading for players from teams who were out of the race and not mortgaging much. He wants teams to win championships by signing HIS payers to MASSIVE deals so he can get paid. I get it, but there are no real grounds to go after the Braves for how they won. They have homegrown drafted guys, they have guys from trades, they have international guys, they did it every which way, not just by trading with the Marlins in July. He just doesn't agree with tanking to get the top draft picks. He wants to go back to a draft that doesn't reward losing. How we do that, who knows.

Boras was having so much fun with the puns and nicknames. So much fun. I don't even know what this one means but it's great. He was having a good old time up there.

Notice he didn't joke around with Juan Soto questions, because he knows Juan Soto could get more than $500 million. He's going to be VERY serious for this one. He made sure teams know that Juan Soto wants to win. 

He's so damn good at his job it's not even funny. You don't have to like him, but he's the best. He knows what he's doing and it always works. He controls the game, he controls the money, he controls it all. Boras spoke for 55 minutes yesterday and reporters ate it all up, they flock to him like he's Jesus Christ reborn. He knows he's the best too, he'll let you know it as well. He came out there in front of the media yesterday and put on a damn show, and his clients are going to get paid even more because of it.