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Texas Is Officially A Basketball School: Chris Beard Is Throwing A Party On Campus Because The Student Section Sold Out Last Night

[Daily Texan] - With a total attendance of over 14,683 people for both the men’s and women’s season openers, Tuesday marked the fourth-largest home opening turnout in the 45 years the Longhorns have played at the Erwin Center. It was the largest since 2001, the year Texas legend T.J. Ford made his freshman debut.

As a reward for selling out the student section at the game, Beard is making good on his promise to throw a party for Texas students in front of the UT Tower.

The date and exact details are still being worked out, but Beard dropped hints that athletic director Chris Del Conte was looking for “live entertainment.” Beard even teased a potential appearance from school mascot Bevo.

Easiest sell of all time. All Chris Beard had to say was 'we're better than the football team' and you'd drum up interest. Could basically promise that and you'd have some attention. Instead we saw him do one of his bets and it paid off. Remember, he did something like this at Texas Tech before. 

He even went through with it! Honestly if he doesn't bring Whataburger to this party at UT's Tower, he failed. Whataburger is the second best chain in Texas behind Torchy's. Love me some Torchy's. That's beside the point. What I really love about this all? We got ourselves a solid media fight over whether students 'stormed' the court. 

Nothing gets the blood flowing like a media dispute. Would never happen with some small J bloggers, but Big J's? Absolutely. How dare he insinuate that they stormed after a near 50 point win. Granted it is a dumb thing to tweet when Chris Beard quite literally invited everyone down for a picture. That's not a storm. That's a gathering. That's a pop up shower, not a storm. Leave the storming to Rone and Caleb. 

Real question is, how will Beard party? 

Actually the best thing about this all is seeing Texas Tech fans bitch and moan. I love Tech fans. Some of the best people to party with. We'll always have the 2019 Final Four in Minnesota together. But you guys gotta let it go. It's a no-brainer to leave Tech for Texas. Beard was going to leave at some point. It sucks it was Texas, but let's not be surprised. That said, I want mayhem when he goes to Lubbock.