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Revenge Of The Hot Chip: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Tonight's Stool Streams LXXIV, Live on Friday Noon ET

Welcome to another edition of Stool Streams presented by High Noon Hard Seltzer. Tonight, we hope to give away $1,000 via the Play Barstool app via our Rock, Paper, Scissors contest. Six brave competitors are set to enter Stool Streams Stadium, but only three will leave with a win secured. Before we preview each match, a quick reminder of how the rules work here inside the Triple S.

- Each match will be best 2-out-of-3 sets, first to 7 wins (no win by 2)

- Players must say "Rock, Paper, Scissors" out loud and keep their throw under the table at all times

- Players must maintain eye contact throughout the duration of each throw

- Each player has one timeout per match

Match 1 - Trent (0-0) vs. Vibbs (1-1)

Storylines: Vibbs has angered A LOT of people around the office this week. The hot chip challenge has Barstool Sports HQ buzzing, as there has been vomit, stomach aches, and tons of chaos. Trent is representing everyone who ate that chip and looking to get revenge for what is going to be aired on Lowering The Bar this week.

Match 2 - Tommy Smokes (1-1) vs. M Rags (1-2)

Storylines: M Rags seeks revenge. That's what our middle match tonight is all about. Tommy Smokes and M Rags met in each of their RPS debuts back on September 29, 2021, and it was the Survivor fanatic who emerged victorious. Tommy aims to bounce back after a tough loss to Hannah a couple of weeks ago, while M Rags tries to elevate his record back to .500 with some retaliation on the side.

Match 3 - Kate (0-1) vs. Billy Football (1-2)

Storylines: THE BATTLE OF THE TROOPS! This duo of trivia teammates are now opponents on this Thursday evening. Billy Football showed plenty of grit in a thriller over Tiko Texas last week, while Kate suffered a heartbreaking loss after leading 6-1 against Chaps.