Carson Wentz Wants To Give The Eagles A 1st Round Pick So Bad He’ll Miss The Birth Of His Child To Do It

Do you have any idea what’s on the line this Sunday? Do you have any guess as to how important this Colts matchup against the dogshit Jacksonville Jaguars is?

I’ll tell ya.

The difference between the Eagles having three picks in the 1st round of this upcoming draft as opposed to just two. And Carson Wentz sure as heck isn’t going to let some measly birth of a child stop that from happening. 

2nd kid due on Sunday for the Wentz family? Tough break, kid. It’s football season and daddy has a snap count to uphold. If you want to be born on a Sunday then it better be in the spring or summer. Sundays in the fall are for playing every snap possible, even if it’s taking a knee of garbage time while your team is up double digits.

Sidenote: I genuinely feel bad for Carson here. Because he’s seen this story too many times before. He can’t be a normal human being and just sit this game out to be there for the birth of his child because pretty much every time he’s had a backup come in for him, he’s lost his starting job. So he’s pretty much screwed whichever way he goes here. So all things considered, here’s to hoping that stubborn child waits until Monday to pop out and everybody is happy.