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Kevin Hayes & Hayes Family Launch "The 11 Fund" And Are Kicking It Off With Some Money On The Board Across The NHL

Our dear friend and former NHLer Jimmy Hayes tragically passed away in August. His brother Kevin, alongside Jimmy's wife Kristen and the entire Hayes Family, is proud to announce "The 11 Fund" in Jimmy's name. The foundation will donate to underprivileged children at Saint John Paul School in Dorchester, MA where the Hayes boys both attended.

The foundation will be kicking off on Thursday, 11/11 with NHL players all around the league putting money on the board for their life-long brother, Jimmy, with 100% of the winnings going to the The 11Fund.

"Money on the Board" can best be described as a cash reward for the players in the locker room. The money is taped to the board before the game with as a cash-insensitive. For example, when Kevin Hayes returned to NYC to play the Rangers, he would put money on the board. If the team wins, the money goes into a team fund. In this case, tons of beauties around the league have decided win OR lose, the money on the board on 11/11-11/13 goes to the The 11 Fund.

Kevin Hayes announced the foundation earlier today:

While my family and I are obviously still grieving over the sudden passing of my brother Jimmy, we are incredibly humbled by the massive amount of support and outreach from the hockey community. And many people have expressed interest in donating to a cause in Jimmy’s name. 

Over the last few weeks we have been working hard to identify a cause and come up with a name. We finally have it. 

We are proud to launch The 11 Fund. The 11 Fund will be a scholarship fund will provide tuition assistance to underprivileged children at Saint John Paul School in Dorchester, MA which is where Jimmy and I grew up and attended school with our 3 sisters. 

Jimmy's sole purpose in life was to make those around him feel important and happy, and he did that daily and effortlessly. He also jumped at the opportunity to help others in need, especially children. So, we figured there would be no better way to carry Jim’s legacy on than in our home town and by helping children. 

Donations can be made at The11Fund.org or click here 

Jim’s wife Kristen and my family and I cannot thank you enough for your consideration!

We are also releasing exclusive Money on the Board shirts and sweatshirts for The 11 Fund with 100% of net proceeds going to the fund.