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Flying Motorcycles Are On The Way. Expected To Hit The Skies In 2023

WSJ - The Speeder is a futuristic-looking flying motorcycle created by Ventura, Calif.-based Jetpack Aviation. Though some elements are still in development, the vertical take-off-and-landing aircraft will have jet turbine engines that provide vertical thrust. Once in the air, the engines would tilt backward and the aircraft would fly on small wings powered by net-zero-carbon fuel. Two recreational models, priced starting at $385,000 each, are available for preorder. One reaches speeds of over 150 mph, and flies for nearly an hour at more than 15,000 feet; an ultralight version that doesn’t require a pilot’s license to operate is limited to 60 mph by federal regulations and flies for 15 minutes. The company hopes to make them available in 2023. A faster, heavy-duty model intended for military and rescue missions is also in development. Within 10 years, the recreational Speeder could be automated and used for public transportation in cities, with rooftops repurposed for parking, says CEO David Mayman.

One thing I've always wondered when it comes to motorcycles, is why doesn't Sons Of Anarchy get talked about in the greatest television shows of all time discussion?

Everybody always gives credit to The Wire, for good reason. It's one of the best ever. Perfectly done. Didn't run too long and wear out its welcome. Left fans wanting more.

Breaking Bad. Flawless storyline, character development, and acting.

Game Of Thrones had a chance to claim the crown, but dropped the ball severely at the 5-yard line. Still a phenomenal show.

And of course Sopranos. Great show, especially at the beginning. But lost a lot of steam towards the end and had a bullshit, cop-out finale. 

If Sopranos gets mentioned in the best shows ever discussion, then why doesn't Sons of Anarchy? Like Sopranos, it started off insanely hot out of the gates. The first 5 season were off the charts. Granted, it was some of the most depressing television you've ever experienced (I'm still not over how they did Opie), and twisted. But if we're being totally honest, the shows were very similar in their family-centric storylines (both blood and non-related family), criminal enterprise motifs, and the deep philosophical battles of each show's protagonist with their own personal demons. One was mafia, one was a motorcycle club. Both started hot and tailed off, with SOA arguably going more off the rails, but still remaining solid.

All that said, no show has ever opened my eyes to a life that I was 

1- not even remotely cut out for

2- insanely fascinated by

Motorcycle clubs are the fucking truth.

If they are anything like the various fictional Sons chapters up and down the West Coast then non-MCers like me are really missing out.

That said, will these new flying bikes be adopted by the real deal motor clubs of America (and Ireland)? Or will they just be what the assholes that fly up and down Lakeshore Drive weaving in and out of traffic upgrade to to make the rest of our lives even more miserable?

And make no mistake, these things are coming sooner than we think.

This company, Jetpack Aviation, is no joke. 

They've got real-life Rocketeer's flying around California like maniacs. The jet packs work.

They're just crazy expensive because of course they are. 

Once Zuckerberg gets his hands on one, and the rest of the Silicon Valley nerds get jealous, they'll start popping up everywhere.

And they say the motorcycles are even easier to manufacture because you don't have to worry about burning a human to a crisp like you do with the jetpack. 

As Bobby Elvis would say, "the future is here."

p.s. - was there a more demented main character in television than Tig? That guy saw, and did, some shit.