Jets Announce That Mike White Will Start Moving Forward

The Jets announced they are starting Mike White this week. A pretty obvious choice given that the sample size of Mike White we have seen was one 400 yard game and 1 touchdown before he got hurt. I am going to be honest, even if Mike White wasn’t going to be able to play I would have been fine with Josh Johnson starting. After Johnson got his groove he dropped 300 yards and almost got the Jets within 1 score at the end of the game. I am kinda concerned with Mike White’s durability. The forearm contusion that sent him out for the game was obviously one of those stingers. His inability to play through something like that concerns me. More the idea that he said he was feeling better by the third but didn’t get himself back out there. 

Saleh claims he is not shying away from the big moments. To not return from big moments was most likely due to Josh Johnson doing well at the time and letting him continue to cook throughout the game. If we saw Josh Johnson come into the game I would not be surprised. I am actually most impressed with Josh Johnson coming in and doing as well as he did. Zach Wilson still needs time on the sideline, a lot of time. Let Zach Wilson sit till he learns so much from Flacco, Johnson, And White. Zach Wilson has the best intangibles out of all of those guys, just needs to get the brain. I am once again betting Jets ML responsibly because if the Jaguars did it the Jets can too.