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SABERMETRIC STAT OF THE YEAR : Jordan Bohannon's College Career Spans 3 Presidencies And He's Older Than 220 NBA Players

And this right here is why we have a 1st team member of How The Hell Are They Still in College Team. 

But this is something I love about the first night of college hoops. We get the dumbest stats in the world that blow my mind. 

Jordan Bohannon going full Rico Bosco with the three presidencies stat. You can't tell me the graphic guy isn't a Ryder. You don't throw that up there without understanding what's going to happen. Just an outrageous thing to see on your screen. Three presidencies! He even survived Iowa fans trying to squeeze him out. 

And at the same time he's older than 220 current NBA players doesn't make a lick of sense. He's older than basically the entire Hornets roster. It's almost as impressive as Jalen Coleman-Lands being older than Devin Booker. 

Devin Booker was drafted in 2015! Do you know how long ago that is? I had a full set of hair. I wasn't even writing time part time for Barstool yet. I went to a 9-5 job, sat in an office and hoped for anything new. That's how long it's been. But this is about Jordan Bohannon. Good to see him have some humor about it all. 

Three presidencies. Unreal, JBo.