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The Fergie NBA All-Star National Anthem Children's Book Is The Greatest Piece Of Literature These Eyes Have Ever Seen

That right there is not only why the internet was invented but also why the printing press and the art of music was invented as well. Absolute perfection from all angles. Graphically, comedically, and intellectually.

As a parent, I'm always looking for easy ways to introduce my kids to the most important things of the world through reading and this book sums up what may be the greatest moment in entertainment history while also translating what the fuck Fergie was trying to say in what is still somehow the lowest point of modern American history.


As a Twitter nerd once put it, we all felt bad for our country, but that was tremendous content. Not only did Fergie essentially burn the American flag in audio form but the reactions to her butchering Francis Scott Key's claim to fame to hell and back were LOL funny.

Not only that, but the #FergieChallenge was immediately spawned from the audio ashes of our flag.


Now we have a book that will live on forever long after the internet eats itself alive and enrich the minds of children generations from now after they order it from Scholastic Books, which apparently is the one form of print media immune to breaking from the internet's torture rack. 

What a beautiful thing.

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