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Eternals Is Either The Burger King Onion Rings Or The Wendy's Frosty Of The MCU


Robbie and I are back in the basement, this time to recap Eternals before being joined by very special guests Kaz and Ryan Firpo, who wrote the damn thing. 

As always, Bob Fox and I were completely unbiased and gave our review of the movie in terms everyone can understand: By comparing it to a fast food item. I personally said Eternals was the Wendy's Frosty of the MCU. It's perfectly fine on its own and can really bring everything together, be it the delicious fast food meal or the larger-than-life space aspect of Phase 4 in the MCU. But it may not have the standalone value or fill you up the way other items/movies may. Robbie said it was equal to the onion rings at Burger King for the same reason. Not the centerpiece of the meal and some people may enjoy it more than others. But nobody is going to complain about it just like I don't think anybody will complain when they get a rogue onion ring in a fry box or a random Eternal cameo in a future Marvel movie.

A few other quick thoughts:

- How about finding out that Thanos flat out saved Earth from getting wiped off the map in the MCU? Sure he had to snap away half of all life in the universe to make it happen. But you can't make an omelette without cracking a few trillion eggs and you heard it from the mouths of both Ajak as the leader of the Eternals and Ryan as the writer of Eternals. Seeing how humanity responded to their darkest moment is the only reason that baby celestial didn't turn Earth into space dust. The lesson as always is that #ThanosWasRight which basically means #ClemWasRight.

- Historical references in comic movies tickle my balls way more than they should. I didn't think I'd be on Wikipedia learning about Babylon at 1 AM after getting home from Eternals but that's exactly what I was doing like a totally normal person on a Saturday night while 90% of Barstool was probably out at the bar and trying to game up the courage to talk to a member of the ooposite sex.

- Give me text crawls in every MCU movie that has any sort of substance to it. I'm already trading in a bunch of reading by going from comics to movies, so I don't mind a little bit of text to explain shit instead of a few drawn out scenes.

- James Gunn is officially a My Mom's Basement listener and you can't convince me otherwise.

Yeah yeah yeahhhhh, he technically only listened to a snippet in a Twitter video. But I'll spinzone all the semantics in the world to convince myself that we can get the Guardians guru on the pod in the future because he listens to us (If you want to listen to the pod, click here to subscribe).

- Are the Eternals baby killers since they murdered that celestial right as he was about to be born? Many people are saying YES! #TheEternalsAreBabyKillers (This is what the MCU would be like if it existed in this current shitty internet world we live in where someone always has to be the problematic villain).

- I would've been absolutely lost without Jose Youngs' explanation of The Eternals background and their scope in the Marvel universe. Even if you've seen the movie, check it out if you are interested how they may play a role in this phase and all future phases in the MCU.

- Jose explained him for a little bit in the video above, but I'm fully ready for Eros to become my favorite character in the MCU now that my dogs Thanos and Toney Stark are RIP'ing.

If longtime My Mom's Basement listener James Gunn has as big of a brain as I think he does, he will devote a good chunk of Guardians 3 to Eros being the cool uncle to Gamora and Nebula in the ilk of Rod Belding, right down to him letting the kids down to see about a girl.