First Thing Wyatt Teller Did After Signing for $56.8 Mil? 'Dungeons and Dragons' With The Squad

Wyatt Teller has been killing it for the Browns opening up huge gaps for Chubb to gash defenses. 

I mean the tape speaks for itself. 

The 6'4 315lb behemoth of a man has been a great leader on the Browns on the sideline and in the field. A guy like this is the type to definitely go off and go nuts after signing such a large contract. 

I've been watching Wyatt Teller blocks all morning and they are a sight to see. 

If you got 56.8m what would be your first move? Wyatt Teller like many football guys ended up playing one of the best board games that many of you may remember from Pardon My Take.

Dungeons and Dragons.

Like any absolute alpha, Wyatt chose to be a Berserker which is fitting. NFL players, get cut big checks and just end up having a night with the boys playing some D&D.