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PSG Women's Soccer Player Went Full Tonya Harding - Allegedly Hired Masked Man To Injure Her Teammate So She Could Get More Playing Time

[The Sun] - PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN have confirmed star Aminata Diallo is in police custody as they condemned a shocking attack on her team-mate Kheira Hamraoui with an iron bar by masked men.

L'Equippe broke the stunning news this morning that 31-year-old French female star Hamraoui was dragged out of her car by two masked men before they punched, kicked and attacked her with an iron bar in what was thought to be a deliberate attempt to stop her playing.

Hamraoui, who only joined PSG from Barcelona in July, was reportedly the victim of an ambush on November 4 while returning from a party organized by the club.

She was reportedly travelling with two team-mates, one of which was Diallo, who was at the wheel of the car at the time of the attack. Several individuals then allegedly attacked the vehicle in the French capital, with one getting inside the motor.

Hamraoui was then reportedly hit several times with an iron bar and has had to receive several stitches in her legs and hands due to the damage she suffered.

Diallo, who has been involved in a fierce battle with Hamraoui for a first-team spot, was taken in by police this morning from her home over her alleged involvement in organising the attack.

I'll tell you what. I did NOT expect to wake up this morning and immediately read this sort of story. Aminata Diallo went full Tonya Harding except one slight difference here. She attacked her own TEAMMATE. Christ, and we thought Ben Simmons was a terrible teammate. At least he's just refusing to shoot. He's not out here attacking Tobias Harris and Joel Embiid. 

Now imagine being good enough to play on PSG women's team, but so bad you can't beat out someone. So upset that you have to (allegedly) organize an attack with an iron bar. Read a book one time, Diallo. You know you're going to get caught. Think about how quick Tonya Harding got busted. There was no way you're going to get away with it. It's impossible. 

I do love that Diallo thought she could outsmart the police by being in the car during the attack. Yeah, that's always what happens. You just happened to be driving and not get attacked. You can't really play the 'oh they must have just known Hamraoui' card. You're driving with another teammate too. If you want to go full Tonya Harding, you need to think it through. You have to get a stitch or two. 

How do you even think to do this is beyond me. You're teammates! It'd be like me looking at Jake Marsh and wanting to take him out and be a host of Bench Mob. I don't think I'd need a couple guys with an iron bar though. No offense Jake. But you gotta do one of three things here. 1) You compete like a normal athlete to get playing time. 2) You demand a trade (loan) like everyone else. 3) You hold out like Ben Simmons and go complete crazy mode. You DON'T hire people to injure them. 

Just insane the entire way around. The club had to put out a statement. The attack happened after a party the club threw. Worst teammate of all time.