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I Am Declaring War On That Nerd Nate Silver After He Knocked Me Out of WSOP Main Event

It is always the worst day of the year getting knocked out of the WSOP Main Event. Literally nothing went right all day & I busted after dinner break on Day 2. I am writing this blog pissed off in my hotel room. 

To make matters worse, I got KOed by that analytics nerd Nate Silver who founded Five Thirty Eight. I honestly don’t know the hell he had two kings in the hand he busted me…. But somehow he did. He also sucked out on me earlier in the tournament in a pretty big hand. 

I let some frustration out in my bust out video. 

Hopefully one day I will have my vengeance. 

Good luck to Jake Toole of Cracking Aces who is still in and doing well. He is going for his 4th straight WSOP Main cash. Someone has to pick up the slack after Nate, Smitty and me all busted.

Nate blew up in spectacular fashion at end of Day 1 and he heard about it on new episode of Crackin Aces.

I am going to tilt fire the $1111 One Drop Tourney tomorrow. Better luck next year in the main…. big sigh.

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