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How About The Balls On The Athletics To Announce They Want To Trade EVERYONE On Their Team And Then Raise Season Ticket Prices

What a move we have here by the Oakland Athletics. We all know about their ongoing battle with they have with the city of Oakland and trying to get a new stadium. We know about them flirting with Las Vegas and moving the team there. Now it's being reported that they will be looking to trade basically anyone of the roster. Awesome news if you're a fan! But that isn't all....

Not only are they going to try and trade their veteran guys including Matt Olson and basically all their good pitchers, season ticket holders were told that the Athletes are INCREASING PRICES and some people may be paying double for their season tickets. What a slap in the face to their fans. You spit on them by saying you want to move, you kick them when they're down by saying you are essentially going to rebuild, and then you give them the peoples elbow from the top rope and raise season ticket prices. That is straight out of the Daniel Snyder playbook if you ask me. 

This piece from the Mercury News talks with a ton of season ticket holders who tell their tales about being told that prices will be going up on their tickets even though a large amount of the familiar faces and names won't be there. 

"But doubled season ticket prices for 2022 without any explanation from A’s management was the final straw for Kahn, 70, who called her longtime ticket representative at the A’s and said she would not renew. 

“Please refund the money because I’m not supporting this team,” she told them. “I’m tired of being treated like this.”

Marie Kahn has had season tickets for 30 years and she basically told the A's to screw off because of the price increase, and you can't blame her! It's a joke that they try and operate like this. Oakland fans are getting it from all angles too. A rebuild is a terrible thing for a teams fanbase, product on the field, it's terrible all around. But you know whats worse? Relocating a historic franchise. I'd be furious if I was an Oakland fan. Unless this is part of their plan though. Shed payroll, have poor attendance, announce move to Vegas because low attendance. It's a foolproof plan!

Kahn told a story about getting an email in late September from the A's saying if she renewed her tickets by Oct 1 she would get one ccomplimentary suite ticket for 2022 AND a Matt Olson jersey. There's like a 90% chance Matt Olson isn't in Oakland next year, what a crock of shit deal from the A's. They've openly said they're going to cut payroll and then announce they're jacking up prices. I get when a team wins a championship and ticket demands go up and they raise prices a bit, that I get. Floundering out and missing the playoffs again and threatening to move to Vegas and then raising prices is just an insane business model. 

Dave Kaval, president of the Athletics, hasn't said a word and the people are furious. I don't blame them, they want to know if they're going to have a team to root for in a few seasons. Why on earth would you want to keep paying your hard earned money to go to a stadium that sucks to watch a team that is selling off players to shed payroll at twice the price?

They were 29th out of 30 teams in 2021 attendance averaging 8,767 fans per game, only ahead of Miami. That's terrible. And they were a good team for 3/4ths of the season. What will that number drop to after this debacle from the front office? I hope the A's fans hurt the owners in the pocket. Threaten us with a move, shed payroll, and double prices? Enjoy your Tuesday night games with 4,000 people in the stands. Shame on the Oakland suits for pulling a snake move like this.