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Loved Jonathan Kraft Taking Shots At The NFL During Willie McGinest's Hall of Fame Induction





Oh man, hope someone dug a hole next to Meek Mill’s grave so we’ve got a place to dump the NFL’s body. Both of them have just getting roasted up and down the internet this week and now Jonathan is joining in on the fun at official Patriot celebrations. Up until now every leak or insult has seemed calculated, like it was meant to shape public opinion. But this? This is just insulting. This is just “hey you guys are fucking morons and now everyone knows it because we got that transcript released.” This is no spin, this is just a man dancing on the grave of his defeated opponent. It’s a eulogy for a dead idiot walking.





PS – At the end of the induction Belichick came out of nowhere for a surprise speech. It was amazing, like a wrestler sprinting out to the ring in the middle of a match. Crowd went berserk, the people on stage were mystified, and Bill electrified them all. Two most amazing parts about it: 1, he pretty much recited every play from the 2003 season like it was the alphabet. He had memorized it all. He knew down and distances, he knew what plays the Pats called and what plays the opponents called, he knew who made what plays and how. It was actually astounding. He remembered everything like it was yesterday. And 2, he told a story about the time he, Willie, and his daughter Amanda got a pic with Snoop Dogg while Snoop had on a long, red fur coat. I MUST have that picture. I finally understand a treasure hunter’s train of thought when they say something belongs to be in a museum. I’d love to have that picture, but I know it doesn’t belong to me, something so beautiful belongs to the world and deserves to be in a museum.