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I Have Made The Executive Decision That I Want To Become Best Friends With The Green Bay Sucks Guys From Last Night

I know the Bears lost and all that shit. I know every criticism you’re going to throw my way. I’ve heard and read it all before. I’m not trying to say the Bears are anything less than the most pathetically coached and organized team in the NFL. All that shits on the table.

But even so you just have to love 10 straight Green Bay sucks from these guys prior to kickoff. You have to love the Packers fan unabashed in his shitty Marshall’s hoodie. Probably his only layer until snow fall starts dropping. Everybody knows that guy from Wisconsin just loves wearing a hoodie no matter how cold it gets. Those guys are so fucking weird. I respect them but they’re weirdos.

These Bears fans? Heroes. Champions. Diehards. Best friends. A group dynamic you aspire to. Those are my Bears fans and I hope they had a safe drive home. Some of these bridges are super high in the air. Crazy to me Dale Carnegie did this all on his own. What a city.

We break down Pittsburgh on the pod today. At risk of going all in, I would live here happily. The people are amazing. The foliage is top notch. Just all around a good city that deserves more recognition.

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