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Getcha Popcorn And Xanax Ready Because The Creator Of Squid Game Confirms That Season 2 Is Officially Coming

I know I could have transcribed that video instead of making people watch it in Korean with English subtitles. However since that was the best way to experience Squid Game here in the States, it just felt like the right thing to do.

Anyway, this news is the biggest no brainer in history. Not just because Netflix likes to make money and have people stream their shit, which they most certainly do. But because of the way the first season of Squid Game ended. I feel like our pal Hwang Dong-hyuk got like 90% through his script then realized how fucked he would be if he wrote himself into a corner where the police find out about the Squid Game island and Gi-hun lived happily ever after watching his daughter grow up while sitting on his pile of money (or at least as happily ever after as you can be after playing Squid Game).

So instead we got the hard right turn into the cop storyline ending in the rare homicide/fratricide/187cide trifecta, Gi-hun pulling a 180 in that airplane bridge to escape parental responsibilities, and all the shit that went down with the old man at the minute that ended with him just happening to die at the stroke of midnight. Was it all a bit much? Maybe. But I'm not going to complain about any of it because I loved the shit out of Squid Game and it was such a fun ride to watch unfold. Except for the marble episode. That shit will scar me for life. 

Other than that though, I liked this show the perfect amount that I will be excited for a second season while at the same time not worry about it ruining the first season if any of the future seasons suck, which is a very fine line they somehow nailed. Plus I'm a sucker for Easter eggs and seeing all the hints of Player 1 being a plant after finishing the season was like getting that last big sip of soda after you let your ice melt a bit, which is now referred to as Second Drink thanks to one Pamela Halpert from Scranton.