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Shailene Woodley Debunked an Alleged Photo of Her Fiancé Aaron Rodgers Breaking Quarantine While Also Savagely Roasting The Random Dude It's Actually a Picture Of

The picture above [now deleted] was used by Daily Mail yesterday to show that Aaron Rodgers was in California and breaking quarantine while he isolates with covid. Clear violation of the NFL's 10 day quarantine rule right after he took the sports world buy storm with all of his comments on the situation. The Aaron Rodgers hate train gained even more speed when it seemed that locomotive couldn't go any faster. 

Well, it turns out Aaron Rodgers is not being a rebel in California. That guy pictured above is just some random dude who kinda resembles the Packers QB. Aaron is instead resting at home in Wisconsin as he tries to get cleared for Sunday's game against the Seahawks. Classic mixup!

Well, Rodgers' fiancee Shailene Woodley was not having it and decided to debunk the tabloid pictures. By debunk I mean she broke down every single thing wrong with them and how this guy looks nothing like Aaron.

My goodness...

Just imagine being this poor fella in California taking a nice car ride to get some coffee. One minute you're easing into your Monday, grabbing a cup of joe, and enjoying the outdoors. The next thing you know people believe you're Aaron Rodgers and a movie star is ripping you to shreds saying you have a small dick and a shitty car. What the fuck man. This guy deserves the biggest apology in the world from Daily Mail and I'm honestly wondering if he's allowed to sue for this. Dude got caught in the crosshairs and was obliterated out of fucking nowhere. I'm no lawyer or no any laws for that matter, but it feels like he should be entitled some monetary compensation for getting completely eviscerated online for no reason at all. 

I will say it seems like Shailene Woodley is the most ride or die woman in the world. I mean holy fuck she just had to say this looks nothing like Aaron and leave it at that if she felt the need to comment. Nope, she broke this down to the fucking hair on this dude's hand so that she could defend her man. I've been seeing rumors (nothing credible) that they were separated, but I feel like you don't go out of your way to do this if you're not together anymore. She found time between eating clay, foraging for her own food, collecting water from mountains, and making her own medicine to end someone online with no regard for human life. Maybe Aaron really did find the one?  

P.S. I don't know why but the arrows and it being an Aaron Rodgers' lover made me flash back to the Olivia Munn-Chris Pine pictures so that's where I am at right now.