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This Trash Cans Journey Across The Atlantic From Myrtle Beach, SC To Ireland Is Beyond Fascinating

NY Post- A trash can from the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, made an unlikely journey across the Atlantic Ocean — and recently washed ashore in Ireland.

The city was alerted to the can’s transatlantic voyage in a Sunday email from Keith McGreal, who said he and his kids found the barnacle-covered blue bin in County Mayo, on Ireland’s northwestern coast.

“Amazing to think it travelled all the way across the Atlantic,” McGreal wrote in the message that was shared Monday on the city’s Twitter account.

In their response to McGreal, the city officials speculated the bin may have blew away during a high-wind event and was propelled across the ocean by the Gulf Stream.

Good for this trashcan! That journey from Myrtle Beach to Ireland has GOTTA be something special and not only something special, but peaceful knowing all you have to do is float all along and wherever you happen to wind up is where you're going to wind up. Not a care in the world for that trashcan whereas that's a whole different story if you're a human. If we're out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean all we'd have to is tread water until our eventual demise and literally nothing else out there. This trashcan got to travel and probably see some cool shit along the way.

Now I'm the first to admit I'm a massive pussy when it comes to the ocean because there, truly, should not be anything more respected on this planet than the ocean. It's fucking scary to the point that I've never even been out on a boat far enough to not see land. If I'm ever that far out it better be solely for my inevitable viking funeral which I will ABSOLUTELY be putting into my will because that's simply something that just needs to happen. Although one thing I've always found cool ever since I saw Castaway was this whale scene.

And now after watching that again I am once again jealous of a fucking trashcan due to the fact that it very may have had it's own Castaway whale moment. I just hope it doesn't miss all the mini-golf courses out in Myrtle Beach since that's pretty much all I've ever heard about in Myrtle Beach...for my entire life.