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Rough Day To Be An Asshole In The Barstool Office

Barstool HQ was BUZZING as one by one challengers stepped up to conquer the One Chip Challenge. How long can you last without drinking liquid after eating a tortilla chip that's been covered in Carolina Reaper + Scorpion Pepper powder? The Reaper and Scorpion pepper are the first and second hottest peppers in the world, and rate a 1.6 million scoville on the Scoville scale. A scale that goes from 0-2 million is somewhat absurd and confusing. I suggest scaling down something more simple like the 1-5 Balls Scale.

Not a numbers guy. Before sitting down everyone knew this would be bad, but not this bad. Tommy Smokes was the first brave soul to step into the arena … 

Tommy and I struggled together and didn't think anyone could take the chip challenge any worse … until Frankie stepped up to the plate.

Im going to make a before and after picture of Frankie's face because he legitimately morphed into a different person. I guess that's what happens when you rub your eyes after touching the hottest peppers in the world? What everyone experienced at the bar sucked, but it gets worse when you go home. 

When the excruciating heat in your mouth begins to subside, you start to think you are out of the woods, but you're just getting started. The heat on your b-hole during the aftermath is unmatched. On today's rundown Frankie explained how he used ice cubes on his ass to quench the burn. Erotic? 

An all around bad two days for assholes across the office, but a great episode of Lowering The Bar tomorrow at 11:30am.