It's Always Heartwarming To See A Local Athlete Doing A Beer Tweet On The Jumbotron

Fuck yes, Lorenzo Carter. What a pleasant surprise this was to see at the Garden last night on a typical ole boring Monday. Did the Rangers handing the formidable Florida Panthers their first regulation L of the season despite several minutes of ass clenching towards the end make the Monday a little better? Of course! Did K'Andre Miller's utterly RIDICULOUS highlight reel goal add onto that fire? It sure as hell did. 

But the true highlight of the night? THAT was a beer tweet from Mr. Lorenzo Carter of the New York Giants. There's ALWAYS that fun allure at the games of who's gonna be there that night etc etc so it's always great when a Giant rolls through and let me tell ya that was one hell of a cheer for a guy on a 3-6 team, but hell we just love our New York Football Giants over here! Not to mention the crowd got even more raucous when he decided absolutely HOUSE that cold one in true beer guy form. Brb while I go grab my Lorenzo Carter jersey. Here come the New York Giants to make the playoffs! Look out, Dana Beers.