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Tony Soprano & Guy Fieri (Ugly Sweaters) Are The Combination We Didn't Know We Needed

PEOPLE! Are there 2 greater paisans in history than Tony Soprano and Guy FIeri? I'm not really sure. You of course have Mario & Luigi. You obviously have Sinatra & Dino. And how could one forget The Situation & Pauly D? Those are all viable pairs although I think they don't hold a candle to Tony Soprano & Guy Fieri. And you know where those 2 guys look the absolute best? Right on your chest at your favorite Ugly Sweater party of the year.

Not to mention there's nothing more important out at a party than wearing a conversation-starting piece of clothing and there's 2 no sweaters better for that than these. I think it's quite literally impossible to find someone that hasn't watched (and loved) either the Sopranos or Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Just the BEST. So rock the best sweaters out there for Ugly Sweater Szn this year. And remember they went FAST last year!!! Oh and we have added another absolute fire flames Sopranos sweater to the collection as the Bing wishes everyone Merry Christmas.