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All Credit In The World Goes Out To These Little Dudes For Soaking The Clap Bombs Unleashed By This Manchild From The Point

Every peewee hockey league had that one kid who was spoken about in rinks across multiple county lines like folklore. You'd hear whispers about this supposedly 12-year-old kid who was 6 ft 5 and had a beard since his first year of mites and drives himself to the games. Then it's time for your team to finally play him. You see him step out onto the ice for warm ups and you realize that not only were the legends true, but they were understated. All you can do is hope that you don't get stuck out on the ice as the same time as him, but the kid's coach isn't an idiot. He knows that all you need in youth hockey is one massive kid who developed way earlier than everybody else and you're going to be the best team. So he keeps him out on the ice damn near the whole game. 

Which brings us to these two legends. They had to be pissing their pants out there from the very first puck drop. They knew they were going to be in for a world of hurt that game. But was that going to stop them from soaking a clapper from the point to help their team stay in the game?

Not a chance. First kid goes into that shot with zero hesitation. Just no regard for his own personal well-being at all. Sees the manchild wind up and knows exactly what he has to do. Unfortunately he turned his back to the shot and ended up taking that laser to one of the very few parts of his body that wasn't protected by padding. But he still ate it anyway. 

And then how about the heart on the second kid? He saw the damage that was just done to his body. He knew EXACTLY what he was in for. And he had two options. He could either quickly duck out of the way and let the goalie take care of that one. Or he could stand his ground, take one for the team, soak the shot and suffer the same fate as his buddy. 

I love this kid so much for going with option 2. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear. In this case, the boys are more important than fear. God these kids rock. Expect their names to be called by the Detroit Red Wings at the 2028 NHL Entry Draft.