T's And P's - Xavi Is Reportedly Banning Pique From Taking Private Trips And Wants To Control Players Social Media Accounts

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[Source] - And he is set to immediately make his mark as Barcelona coach by implementing a number of strict rules.

These are:

  • No more trips for Piqué
  • More hours in the Sports City
  • No to personal training
  • Renewal of medical services
  • Style is not negotiable
  • Control of social networks

Think we all need to take a moment on focus on Shakira here. This is the story. Will she still be allowed to go on trips? Will she be able to travel without Pique since he's getting hit with a travel ban by his former teammate? Feel like they need to expand this report. Pardon me for sounding like 50 Cent in 21 questions here. I don't know, that's not the entire point here. 

What about her photoshoots? 

Can she still go to the Balloon World Cup? 

What about surfing? 

Surely she can still perform at the Super Bowl, right? 

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Now I get that Xavi needs to come in and lay down the law. Barcelona is struggling, both on and off the field. They need as much help as possible. I also get that you may want your center back hanging around and not just firing off with Shakira. But social media? What's the goal there. That's propaganda, brother. Let them all fire off tweets and posts so we get content out of it. Winning cures everything so maybe just focus on that sort of stuff. The more think about it maybe Xavi wants to see the DM's. I've always been curious about athletes DM's. Just how wild is it in there? Probably different than mine with people incorrectly sending me a message asking to hire them. 

We'll end the blog with more Shakira 

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