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Sam Pittman Tears Bicep Curling Bulldog

Former Georgia associate head and Oline coach Sam Pittman has been coaching a great season at Arkansas leading them to a 6-3 record. This week he plays LSU and that's a matchup of head coach intensity that we have never seen before. We have a rabid Ed Orgeron that is coming for necks on absolute "fuck shit up" mode now that he knows he's leaving. he's doing stuff like not abiding by anybody's rules and bringing the team out whenever the fuck he wants.

 Sam Pittman knew he had to bring the heat to this matchup, he has pulled stunts like this before where he picks up his big Bulldog named Lucy. 

This time it did not turn out so well and he tore his bicep. Valiant effort, going to need to bring much, much more intensity if you are going to be taking on a jobless Coach O.

Sam Pittman is a huge friend of the program, wish him luck in his game against LSU.

LSU will not be going quietly though. 

Pittman was a great interview on PMT, check it out.

Hope Coach Pittman's bicep heals.