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Billy Joel Is Now The Hottest 72-Year-Old Alive After Losing 50 Lbs. During Quarantine

NY Post- This “Big Shot” is a little smaller these days.

Billy Joel showed up to his first post-pandemic performance Nov. 5 at Madison Square Garden — where he’s been in residence since 2014 — about 50 pounds lighter.

Last month, the 72-year-old slimmed down “Piano Man” told Howard Stern that his shrinking frame was the unintentional result of back surgery.

“I had back surgery early this year and the pain afterward was so bad I lost my appetite,” he told Stern.

“I embraced that, I said, ‘OK, I won’t eat as much’ and I ate less and less and less and less and then there was just life aggravation and that tends to, you know, impact your appetite too.”

The married father of three added, “I had gotten kind of chunky. I was happy to lose the weight.”

This fucking guy. I'm well aware I've been doing a lot of Billy Joel blogs as of late but the guy just keeps the hits coming and this time it's in the form of an astronomical weight loss for a 72-year-old dude. So yeah when I went to Joel's first show back from the pandemic in August at Fenway Park you could definitely tell he lost weight & almost looked like he had some facial work done. There was no around it- the guy looked like smokeshow. But 50 lbs? 50!!!! Do you have ANY idea how much weight that is to lose for anybody let alone someone that's been able to get senior citizen discounts at the gym, movies, and supermarkets for the last 7 years. 

I mean hell whenever I try to lose weight I'm lucky to lose 10-20 before I inevitably gain it back and I'm a fat 25-year-old. It should be REMOTELY easy for that to happen to me. So shoutout to the legend for pulling off this crazy feat at 72 even if it was the indirect result of clearly a very painful back surgery. Gotta feel pretty awesome to lose all that at that age especially due to the fact that this may mean we get Garden concerts until he's 100. Who knows. I'm fairly confident at this point they're just never gonna end-hell at this rate he may come out next month with a six pack!